We were all blessed at the Spirit Woman Retreat last weekend. moments of oneness with the sky, the horses, another woman, starring into the fire, silent ceremony at sunrise, naps in the hammock, returning to my highest self and remembering what I am here for. I am so lucky to experience such transformation in the women this weekend. There faces changed and I am too. Everyone is waiting for the next event. To be announced soon to the next gathering of Spirit Women out there. Feel the movement going on ???


"I remember the night we began to let go of all our fears into the fire and the horses on the land surrounded us one by one. Knowing that there energy represents Power. We all got the message the horses recognized we were Reclaiming our Power ! Wow what a vision "
Come to the GODDESS TEMPLE on an island in a freshwater spring. One of the Blessings offered at BLISSTONIA FESTIVAL 2015.

I am honored to hold the space of the Wise Woman and looking for Sisters to join me. I am also one of the Directors of the Event.

Blisstonia is a 4day, outdoor, family-friendly, dance and music festival deep in the heart of Texas. As community organizers and spiritually-inspired artists, we are committed to weaving our passions for dance, nature, beauty and ritual play to create deeply transformative experiences.

Look for the next one to be announced.